Buttermilk Falls

Hidden Gem in Western Wisconsin

My upcoming book, Waterfalling in Wisconsin, required hundreds of hours of research and extensive searching for waterfalls over the course of 3+ years.  I was thumbing through the Polk County tourism guide one day and found an uncaptioned picture of an unfamiliar waterfall.  I was immediately on the computer emailing Polk County, asking questions about the waterfall on page 24, or whatever page it was.

I got the reply I was hoping for.  Apparently there was a waterfall called Buttermilk Falls that I was previously unaware of.  This beautiful waterfall is off the back roads in rural Osceola, WI, and unless you know about it, you would never find it.

I got good directions and my wife and I ventured to western Wisconsin in search of this waterfall.

We followed the directions and they led us right to the property.  Buttermilk Falls is in a State Natural Area very close to the St. Croix River.  We followed the path into the property, crossed the rocky outcrop along Buttermilk Creek and ended up at the top of the falls.  What a beautiful sight!!!7 Buttermilk Falls

I have been to this waterfall 3 or 4 times now and I even took my sister here one fall afternoon.  She wanted to see a couple waterfalls and she lives in the Twin Cities, so we met in Hudson and I took her to Willow River State Park and then Buttermilk Falls.  She loved it!

My sister at the top of Buttermilk Falls

My sister at the top of Buttermilk Falls, Fall 2011

11 Buttermilk Falls

I have seen and photographed just about every waterfall in Wisconsin that is accessible by land.  I can honestly say that Buttermilk Falls is probably my favorite waterfall in the Badger State.  My book, Waterfalling in Wisconsin is full of hidden gems like Buttermilk Falls, and includes directions and color pictures of all of these natural treasures.  The book will be out in April, just in time for the spring thaw!

That is if we ever thaw out…

Stay tuned for more details on the book, or comment if you have any questions or comments.